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                    Places to visit in 
South Phoenix:

On our first day out in the field we noticed a small car wash-barber shop and stopped by......

 Roberto's Barber Shop was owned by a man who also owned the Car Wash building but did not own the actual car wash,  he leased it out.



The idea is practical and time saving for the customers. This establishment also seems to be a gather ground for men of all ages in the community. Chairs are brought outside on a nice day and the men sit under the blue tent.

The photo of a sparkling clean car just leaving the Car Wash. The owner of this car was an ASU Main student who lives in South Phoenix. At first glance of the nice sports car owned by the young man we thought hmmmm, how did this kid get the money for this car? After, we felt bad for questioning this young man because we were stereotyping due to him living in South Phoenix. This was our first day out in the field and we learned that much of what we see, after investigation and observation, is not at all what it seems.

The cars at the car wash we all newer vehicles that appeared to be very well taken care of by their owners. From my observations throughout the day, it seemed that even in front of the smallest, most run down house, you could see an expensive car parked in front.  

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    Not far from the car wash, if your hungry, you can stop by Turk's Fish and Chips!! I am not a big fan of any fish so I can not tell you how the food is.

    Another exciting place is Ranch Market.....stop in for authentic Mexican food, festive music, and get your grocery shopping done too! The Ranch Market is loud and seemingly unorganized compared to your typical grocery stores such as, Safeway or Fry's. The market was made to resemble the Mexican city of Guadalajara. The busy atmosphere is like a market in the streets of the busy city. The parking lot is pandemonium and ordering your food can be a bit confusing if you are not fluent in Spanish. However, when you do get the food you ordered (whatever it may be) it is great! The market is a fun, festive place that I would highly recommend visiting.