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Phoenix City Housing Projects

When I first hear the word projects, what immediately comes to mind is broken down buildings in the Bronx. I have never actually been to the Bronx but from what I have seen on TV. and in magazines, its not pretty. So, when we were getting ready to go to the Phoenix projects I though, oh, it will not be so bad because Phoenix is a nice city and its not as big or as old as New York....well.... I was wrong.

I thought that the homes those people live in were sad, run down and probably infested with who knows what. I was also upset by the a young boy, about 12, swearing at a girl his same age. He was using language that would have been saved for a rated R movie. He then preceded to punch her in the arm as hard as he could. Where the heck were these kids parents? The man who talked to us said that there are community centers and programs for the people living in the housing projects. Well, why weren't these kids there? I know that it is not the city's job to take care of these kids but I truly believe that it "takes a village to raise a child" and apparently this village does not even know where their kids are. I know that this happens in every economic bracket and neighborhood. But especially in South Phoenix, these kids need to have somewhere to go that is safe and that can keep them out of trouble.

I think that it is wonderful that the City of Phoenix has a program that helps people who are struggling to make ends meet. It is a program that helps these people live in a secure and clean environment that will hopefully be the stepping stone to their independence.

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