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The Travis L. Williams Services Center

                                                    Enabling Others


                                    Tonya and Fawn outside of the Travis Williams Center

The Travis L. Williams Family Services Center provides services to the inhabitant of south phoenix that help enable and enhance their life. The center provides social services, financial assistance, food, bus tickets,
information, and life management. The center has programs that help adults learn to budget efficiently and helps them find a job.

The director is Phyllis Crawford, she is very helpful and knowledgeable resident of South Phoenix.
The center houses a computer lab and childcare is provided. The employees at the center are helpful and friendly, and seem to have a real devotion to their career.

The center also has programs such as Head Start. The Head Start Program is designed for
low-income parents to give their children a safe, educational and caring environment to learn in. The
program also evolves the parents so they can learn how to help their child with the educational process. According the the National Head Start Association, the children who participate in the program are more success in kindergarten. They show significant gains in math, word knowledge, letter recognition, and writing skills.

The center also provided young families with the C.A.N. program that provides them with long term case management services to help teen parents with attaining self-sufficiency.

In the center, the Neighborhood Services Department strives to preserve and improve the physical , social and economic health of South Phoenix residents.

The center also provides ESL classes offered four days a week. The class also benefits parents of Head Start
students who are also learning English.

The Service Strategy of the Center is, "helping people help themselves through quality human services." I think
that this sums up the services of the Travis Williams Center, it is a wonderful place that's services help
enable the people of South Phoenix.