Yolanda Sanchez was born in Abilene, Texas in April of 1980.  My family moved out to live in Ahwatukee (suburb of Phoenix), Arizona when I was six weeks old.  Altogether, I have grown up in Phoenix.   

In 1998 I graduated from Mountain Pointe High School.  Then, I attended South Mountain Community College for three years.  Finally, I studied at Arizona State University West Ė I plan to graduate in May of 2003. 

I will graduate with my Bachelorís in Life Sciences, in the Ecology and Organismal Biology Tract.  I will acquire a minor in Ethnic Studies.  My work through the Barrett Honors College is in the field of Environmental Justice and Environmental Racism.  Throughout college I have tried to intertwine my political and scientific interests. 

I hope to pursue a Masterís degree in Environmental Toxicology or Environmental Health.  In the future, I would like to go through Law School, focusing on Environmental Law.  One day I hope to work with communities; together fighting for Environmental Justice.   

My parents live happily together in Ahwatukee.  My older sister is a Peace Corps volunteer.  She is stationed in the Philippines (I plan to visit her in the summer of 2003).   

Phoenix is a beautiful city full of life, sun, and culture!  Snow is a two-hour drive in the winter and the beach is a six-hour drive in the summer.  After my formal education is complete I plan to live and passionately work in the city.

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