Dear Residents of South Phoenix,

You are part of a living, breathing system called a community.  Your diversity and complexity adds to the uniqueness of your structure.  The rich history and culture supports a unique environment with it's own economic and social system - apart from the rest of the City.  The years of neglect from the City along with your trials and obstacles has allowed you to evolve into your current state.  Moreover, such experiences give strength and character for your future vitality.

But, what does the future hold?  The vast changes of the last decade has left you with your jaw hanging.  Your home has been retransformed - right before your eyes.  And more changes will come.  Do these changes fit with you community?  Will they help your community survive in the new millennium?  Or, will the influx of gentrification slowly eradicate your community?  Will the community be "shipped out" to other parts of the city?

No one outside your system will fight for your preservation.  You must fight for your own survival!  Your system has a voice to shout, hands to write, and feet to stomp.  Working together, the South Mountain Community has power.  I wish I could hear the old Rock song "We're Not Gonna Take It...Anymore!" playing in the background of the street of South Phoenix.  Your children will grow, learn, and be better citizens as a result of such a struggle.

Exclusion from the rest of the city added to your responsiveness to change makes me optimistic for your future.  Your strong community has the power to save itself.  But, you cannot wait much longer to begin to fight.  I would love to walk side-by-side with your leaders - please contact me.

Best of luck,

Yolanda Anita Sanchez


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