Interview with Art Hugez


    Even though he is retired and living in Carefree, Arizona, you can usually find Art Hugez on “his” stool around lunchtime at the Panchos restaurant located at 7202 S. Central Avenue in South Phoenix.

    Art has been a successful businessman in South Phoenix for over 50 years. He once had three successful businesses operating at the same time. All of these businesses were in the restaurant industry. Art did have businesses in north Phoenix but notes that his south Phoenix restaurants were more of a family place with a friendlier atmosphere.

     Art grew up on 13th street and Grant and loves south Phoenix. He can remember when it didn’t matter if you were Latino, Negro or Anglo. A man was judged by his character. Art feels that any stigmatism associated with the area can be directly related to racial attitudes and prejudices. 

    Art is 100% for any new development in the area. He likes progress as long as it benefits everyone.

    The next time you are looking for a place to eat lunch, stop by Panchos and say hello to Art. He can tell you more about South Phoenix firsthand than anything I could write on this page. After just one visit, anytime spent there will seem like an episode straight out of “Cheers".

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Chris Fowler