Learning from South Phoenix!


Who is KaMaili Jones?   
Read about me! My educational pursuits, family life & on a
lighter note what I enjoy...and what I don't!      



Affordable Housing in South Phoenix
 Eliminating the problem of substandard housing in South Phoenix is not easy, but a few local organizations and citizens are trying.  Read about my work with Habitat  for Humanity!


A River Ran Through It
The City of Phoenix has implemented a plan to return the once thriving Salt River back to its normal habitat.  Read about the project and some of the implications it will have on surrounding communities.



 Support for the Rio Salado
 The overwhelming support for the Rio Salado Beyond the Banks project from the community was evident in one South Phoenix public planning meeting.



Persistence Pays Off   
As the South mountain village is developed walls are built to segregate the new
from the old. Read of the struggles Cecelia, a long-time South Phoenix resident,
 had with a neighboring housing developer.




The Simple Things
 The great disparity between the poor and the wealthy are illustrated in young
  David’s daily activities.




Wanna be like….South Phoenix!
My reflections on my experiences in South Phoenix and what I have learned about the place, the culture, and most importantly the PEOPLE!



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