by Gerald Lee


Images of the Past


There once was a place that was in the midst of ruin but contained a peaceful energy. People that had looked into the distance found the image of a great mountain of peace and beauty. This mountain was a sight of joy amongst those who lived in ruins of once proud homes. Despite the heartache of being low class, the people who lived in this land of South Phoenix enjoyed the scenery of the mountain and its natural beauty. This used to be a peaceful time until They showed up.

            They brought the builders and the large equipment. They provided the land, which was stolen from its people. They have allowed outsiders to work the land in order to bring in more outsiders. They are responsible for changing the beautiful landscape into an abomination.

            The builders erect new houses to attract outsiders and to fill their pockets with money. The builders also construct new places to attract new businesses, which in turn will attract more outsiders. This perhaps could be good in resurrecting this land and returning it to its glory days before the outcasts arrived.

            The problem is that the outcasts have settled this land for ages and have made it their home. They have lived peacefully without the threat from outsiders. Now they face extinction from the threat of developers. These developers have erected houses that are too expensive for the natives to afford. They also buy the land from the natives, forcing them to move. The most dreadful thing of all is the construction of huge walls that block the view of the mighty mountain in the distance. Some have relied on this great view as hope for the future. The future is seems has a different idea.


  It seems that They are making matters worse while trying to improve the land. What They are doing is essentially erasing an “ugly” past in hopes of a better future. What They don’t realize is that the past was just as beautiful in its own way as the future is. Maybe They will see this and try to correct what They have done.


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