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                          imageSemester at Sea Fall 2006
Student web portfolios from my three courses when I taught on the Semester at Sea. We sailed around the entire world on a ship in 100 days, visiting 10 countries--a fantastic experience!  Enjoy these global perspectives from Global Cities, Migration & Culture, and Field Methods.

 fieldlab.jpgTracking the Transnational in metro Phoenix! 2012, 2013       Think outside the classroom!!!

Global Cities


A virtual tour thru the slums and neoliberal dreamworlds of a selection of megacities in the Global South.

New!   2017
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Learning From South Phoenix  2002-2006 
                        phoenix web image

Awesome student-produced web pages based on their original urban studies field research in South Phoenix.

Digital Story about my Learning From South Phoenix classes!!

Migration & Culture


ASU students' original research and reflective writing on immigrants and refugees worldwide and in Arizona..

New!   2017

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Check out our fabulous migrant interviews project: CROSSING THE VALLEY

Crossing the Valley image

Students tell the stories of over 200 immigrants and refugees living in metropolitan Phoenix

Cultural Diversity
  Personal Memory Ethnographies!

Principles of Social Anthropology

(not updated in a good while, sorry)

Urban Studies:

Ethnographic Mappings of the 100 Mile City 2001
and archives of earlier topics in urban studies

Transnational Studies in Culture & Political Economy 1997

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