Links to Student Web Portfolios / Koptiuch

Links to Student Web Portfolios

Kristin Koptiuch, Associate Professor of Anthropology
Arizona State University, New College of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
, Phoenix, Arizona

Check out my studentsí awesome web portfolios!

Global Cities
Migration & Culture
                  the Valley
Ethnographic Field Lab
Ethnographic Field Lab
Learning From
                  South Phoenix Semester at Sea 2006

PS: Please remember that the students were all beginners at this web technology!  Our objectives were to communicate the excitement of analytical and conceptual understandings of interdisciplinary social sciences and to use the web portfolios as a way for students to speak responsibly to a broader audience. We hope that the uneven quality of the web pages, both across the particular class and even across a given studentís individual web pages, is more than compensated by the awesomeness of our collective, collaborative results as a whole!  

You can always find these student web portfolios linked to Kristin Koptiuchís home page Sorry for any broken links!

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