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Here is a new update of ASUFIT 2.6! Some bugs have been fixed, some new features added. This version is only for Matlab 6 or 6.1, the stand-alone program will be released a bit later.
Here is the zip file: asufit26.zip. Download it, unzip it, copy the files into Matlab/asufit26, add the directory to the Matlab's path.
Let me know if there are any problems or questions.

The updated version of ASUFIT 2.41 has just been released! Here is how you can get the neew version of the stand-alone program:

  1. Save the archive file asufit241_standalone.zip on your computer in some temporary directory. The file is quite large (~2.7 MB), so it might take some time to download.
  2. Extract the file using WinZip program into Asufit folder on the hard drive.
  3. Run the executable asufit.exe from the ASUFIT directory. You can make a shortcut on you desktop if you like.
  4. The program which is compiled is the latest version 2.4 which is also available to run using the MATLAB (see below). New updates will follow, so check back from time to time.
ASUFIT project is still being developed. I believe that ASUFIT 2.41 is the last of the versions using the old user interface. The new version 3.0 will follow. There is no help file yet, so if you have questions or suggestions for the new version, write to me, Evaldas Katilius evaldas@asu.edu

You can also get the ASUFIT 2.4 MATLAB files and run the program in MATLAB. Here is what you should do:

1. Make sure you are running MATLAB 5.1 or later (Matlab 5.3 (Release 11) is recomended, program can also run in Matlab 6) on your computer. You do not need to have optimization toolbox instaled, the fitting routines come with the program.

2. Create a new directory called "Asufit" within your MATLAB directory. (Note: Make sure this is empty.  If you have an existing dir called "Asufit" move
everything out of it into a different directory.)

3. Save the following file into your new "Asufit" directory -> asufit241_matlab.zip.

4. Expand its contents into the "Asufit" directory.

5. Start MATLAB.

6. At the MATLAB command line, issue the appropriate set of commands to switch the working directory to this "Asufit" directory.

7. Issue the command "asufit".