The Go Grrrls Curriculum

The Go Grrrls curriculum is described in our book Empowering Adolescent Girls.  The program is based on a developmental framework that includes the following developmental tasks critical for a healthy adolescent transition to adulthood:

Achieving a competent gender-role identification
Establishing an acceptable body image
Developing satisfactory peer relationships
Establishing independence through responsible decision making
Understanding sexuality
Learning how to obtain help and access resources
Planning for the future

The curriculum describes specific sessions that outline how to implement the program.  Each session includes a rationale, the goals of the unit, the materials needed, and then step-by-step instructions for carrying out the session.

The Go Grrrls program comes with the Go Grrrls Workbook where girls can track their progress, take notes, and read material that reinforces concepts in the curriculum.  For example, the workbook includes an on-going slumber party where girls provide support and counsel to each other, a "Check It Out!" section filled with facts and helpful ideas, a Dear Suzie section that provides up-to-date advice on difficult issues, a Paste-Up Page for fun, a journal assignment to help provide focus and relevant material for each group section.