The Call to Social Work - Life Stories

by Craig Winston LeCroy

Have you ever wondered what a social worker does? What it is like to see the world through the eyes of a social worker? The Call to Social Work is a penetrating glimpse into the lives of thirty four social workers. Dr. Craig LeCroy provides a window into the everyday life of doing social work as he uncovers the life stories of doing and being a social worker. Social workers describe how they face the day-to-day pressures of seeing children burned and beaten by their parents, children abandoned and unloved, adults tormented by hallucinations, and people that must cope with the everyday tragedies of life–loss of loved ones, the pain of infertility, the trauma of rape and the frustration of hearing loss.

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Read the advanced praise given by Paula Allen-Meares, University of Michigan, Barbara W. White, The University of Texas at Austin, and Dennis Saleebey, University of Kansas.

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