Can You Save Money With a Website Builder?

Websites today can be created by a developer or through the use of a website builder. When making a decision on which option to use, most business owners will decide they want to try out a website builder. The main reason a website builder is the better option compared to hiring a developer is the opportunity to save a significant amount of money upfront and in the long run.

Small Monthly Fee

With a website builder, there’s just a small monthly fee to be able to use the program. Website developers can cost hundreds of dollars per hour to create a website, plus hosting and other necessities. Since it can take weeks for a website to be fully developed, this amount of money adds up fast. None of this is needed with a website builder, as it’s easy to just sit down and create a website without needing professional assistance.

No Tools to Purchase

When working with a website developer, any extra tools that may be required for the website to function correctly will be extra. With a website builder, this expense is simply not there. Many, if not all, of the tools needed to create and maintain a website are included in the website builder, so they’re ready and available to use as needed. There’s no need to purchase extras unless there is something that the website builder doesn’t already include, which doesn’t happen often.

No Need to Pay for Edits

When a developer creates a website, editing the content or adding new content will cost money. The website owner has to pay for the developer’s time to create new pages or edit the existing pages. Over time, this can add up to be a significant amount of money, especially when the website needs to be updated regularly to keep it at the top of the search engine results. With a website builder, it’s possible to just open the website and edit or add pages whenever the business owner wants, with no extra costs. Over the life of the website, this can add up to significant savings.

Paying for Content Optional

Content is needed for websites and best practices state that new content should be added regularly to provide more information for visitors and keep up with search engine optimization. With a website developer, it’s often necessary to purchase content to place on the website. With a website builder, the business owner can pay someone to create content if they would like or can create the content and upload it to the website on their own, saving them more money.

Both website developers and website builders can be used to create a fantastic website for any business. For business owners who want to save money, however, using a website builder is a clear choice. They’re easy to use and will lead to quite a bit in savings in the end. Check out a website builder now to see how easy they can be to use and how much money you could save.