From X to Y

“Abler, D” to “Abler, DG”

“Adger, W” to “Adger, WN”

Agardy, T” to “Agardy, MT

Alexandrov, V” to “Alexandrov, VA

Allenby, B” to “Allenby, BR”

“Allison, E” to “Allison, EH”

Amadore, L” to “Amadore, LA

“Anderies, J” to “Anderies, JM”

Arnell, N” to “Arnell, NW”

“Biggs, H” to “Biggs, HC”

Blaikie, P” to “Blaikie, PM”

Bol'shakov, VN” to “Bolshakov, VN”

Bord, R” to “Bord, RJ”

“Brock, W” to “Brock, WA”

“Carpenter, S” to  “Carpenter, SR”

Casagrande, D” to “Casagrande, DG”

"Chiotti, Q" to "Chiotti, QP"

"Clark, C" to "Clark, CW"

"Clark, T" to "Clark, TW"

"Cohen, S" to "Cohen, SJ"

"Cole, D" to "Cole, DC"

"Conway, G" to "Conway, GR"

Corell, R” to “Corell, RW”

"Crosson, P" to "Crosson, PR"

"Cumming G" to “Cumming GS"

"Curran, S" to "Curran, SR"

"Daily, G" to "Daily, GC"

"Darwin, R" to "Darwin, RF"

"De Loe, R" to "De Loe, RC"

"Dewidar, K" to "Dewidar, KH"

Dimitrov, R” to “Dimitrov, RS”

"Dow, K" to "Dow, KM"

"Ehrlich, P" to "Ehrlich, PR"

"ElRaey, M" to “El-Raey, M"

"Forbes, B" to "Forbes, BC"

"Gray, S" to "Gray, SJ"

"Gregory, R" to "Gregory, RS"

"Gunderson, L" to "Gunderson, LH"

"Hanemann, M" to "Hanemann, WM"

"Hanna, S" to "Hanna, SS"

"Hemstrom, M" to "Hemstrom, MA"

"Herrick, J" to "Herrick, JE"

"Hessburg, PF" to "Hessburg, PE"

"Hobbs, R" to "Hobbs, RJ"

"Holing, CS" to "Holling, CS"

“Holling, C” to “Holling, CS”

"Hurd, B" to "Hurd, BH"

"Ingram, K" to "Ingram, KT"

"Janssen, M" to "Janssen, MA"

"Jose, A" to "Jose, AM"

"Kane, S" to "Kane, SM"

"Kirshen, P" to "Kirshen, PH"

"Klooster, D" to "Klooster, DJ"

“Kofinas, G” to “Kofinas, GP”

"Kovats, S" to “Kovats, RS"

"Kreutzwiser, R" to "Kreutzwiser, RD"

"Kundzewicz, MW" to "Kundzewicz, ZW"

"Kunreuther, H" to "Kunreuther, HC"

"Leatherman, S" to "Leatherman, SP"

Leichenko, R” to “Leichenko, RM”

Lenhart, S” to “Lenhart, SS”

"Levin, S" to "Levin, SA"

"Lewandrowski, J" to "Lewandrowski, JK"

"Limburg, K" to "Limburg, KE"

“Lister, NM” to “Lister, NME”

"Liverman, D" to "Liverman, DM"

"Livermore, M" to "Livermore, MTJ"

"Livermore, MJL" to "Livermore, MTJ"

"Luers, A" to "Luers, AL"

Mabogunje, A” to “Mabogunje, AL

"Margules, C" to "Margules, CR"

“Matson, P” to “Matson, PA

"McDonald, G" to "McDonald, GT"

"McDuff, M" to “McDuff, MD"

"McMichael, T" to "McMichael, AJ"

"Mearns, L" to "Mearns, LO"

"Melillo, J" to "Melillo, JM"

"Merideth, R to” “Merideth, RW"  

"Miles, E" to “Miles, EL"

Mortimore, M” to “Mortimore, MJ”

Mukherjee, S” to “Mukherjee, SK

Muldavin, J” to “Muldavin, JSS”

"Mulder, B" to "Mulder, BS"

"Myers, M" to "Myers, MF"

"Nasr, S" to "Nasr, SM"

"Naughton-Treves, L" to "Naughtontreves, L"

"Nepstad, D" to "Nepstad, DC"

"Nicholls, R" to "Nicholls, RJ"

Nicolson, C” to “Nicolson, CR”

"Norton, B" to "Norton, BG"

"O'Brien, K" to "O'Brien, KL"

"OConnor TG" to "O'Connor TG"

"O'Flaherty, M" to "O'Flaherty, RM"

"Ojima, D" to "Ojima, DS"

"ORiordan, T" to "O'Riordan, T"

"Ostrum, E" to "Ostrom, E"

"Papadopol, C" to "Papadopol, CS"

"Parry, M" to "Parry, ML"

“Parson, E” to “Parson, EA”

"Patz, J" to "Patz, JE"

Paustian, K” to “Paustian, KH”

"Penning-Rowsell, E" to "PENNINGROWSELL,EC"

"PenningRowsell, EC" to "PENNINGROWSELL,EC"

"Perkins J" to "Perkins JS"

"Peterson, G" to "Peterson, GD"

"Polunin, N" to "Polunin, NVC"

"Pritchard, R" to "Pritchard, L"

"Rapport, D" to "Rapport, DJ"

"Reilly, J" to “Reilly, JM"

"Risbey, J" to "Risbey, JS"

“Robinson, J” to “Robinson, JB”

"Rosenberg, N" to "ROSENBERG, NJ"

"Roux, D" to "Roux, DJ"

"Sen, A" to "Sen, AK"

"Sharpley, A" to "Sharpley, AN"

"Sinclair, J" to "Sinclair, AJ"

"Smith, B" to "Smit, B"

"Smith, J" to "Smith, JB"

Sneddon, S” to “Sneddon, CS”

"Starfield, A" to "Starfield, AM"

“Swart, R” to “Swart, RJ”

"Tarrant, J" to "Tarrant, JR"

"Toman, M" to "Toman, MA"

"Trush, S" to "Trush, SF"

“van de Koppel, J” to “vandeKoppel, J”

“van Jaarsveld, AS” to “vanJaarsveld, AS”

"Voinov, A" to "Voinov, AA"

"Walker, B" to "Walker, BH"

"Walters, C" to "Walters, CJ"

“Watts, M” to “Watts, MJ”

"Wilbanks, T" to "Wilbanks, TJ"

"Yohe, G" to "Yohe, GW"

"Zinyoera, MC" to "Zinyowera, Marufu C."