Next Genartion Manufacturing Supply Chain Study:


Arizona Aerospace & Defense Supply Chain


Goal: The goal of this project was to identifyimmediate lean manufacturing and supply chain needs of the aerospace companies and suppliers.

Objectives: Identify immediate lean manufacturing and supply chain needs of Arizona's aerospace suppliers.

Value: The value of this study is two fold:

1. Arizona aerospace and defense suppliers database was designed and developed. In order to see structure of the database click.

2. Survey results of the NGM study give a snapshot of the current 2011 status of a relatively broad sample of the aerospace companies in terms of their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. In order to see full report of the NGM study click.

3. This research is also published, titled: Competitiveness of Small and Medium Enterprices of the Arizona Aerospace and Defense Supply Chain.

Sub-Sections of the NGM Study

Computers and Automated Systems Association (CASA) manufacturing enterprise model, which is depicted in Figure 1, was intended to focus on the business process within the manufacturing company. As is seen from the figure, this model comprises NGM study approach. NGM study is divided into eighth sub-sections according to the survey questions:

1. Company demographics: This section outlines and briefly discusses the findings of the survey relating to the following areas: geographic distribution of respondent companies; company age and size; revenue by size of the company, by source, and from global activities; product categories; and the organizational level of each survey respondent.

2. Leadership: In this section, we summarize and highlight results of the survey relating to leadership succession planning, and the perceived communication effectiveness (vision, mission) of the respondent companies.

3. Customer satisfaction and innovation: In this section, we summarize and highlight results of the survey focusing on customer satisfaction and innovation as practiced by the aerospace and defense sector companies in Arizona.

4. Workforce strategies: In this section we investigate how the responding aerospace manufacturers in Arizona have adopted next generation hiring strategies to recruit, hire, retain and develop their work force to maintain their competitive advantage.

5. Supply chain management: There are two important related strategic applications considered in this study: supply chain management (SCM) and Just-in-Time (JIT). First, both concepts are introduced and defined as they are used in this survey instrument, and then survey results are discussed.

6. Lean process improvement: In this section we asked our respondents about their current production processes, how long they have had them, and whether they have undertaken any major changes.

7. Sustainability and green: In this section we have investigated if and how the surveyed companies have considered and incorporated "sustainability and green" initiatives.

8. Global engagement: In order to analyze the level of global involvement of Arizona aerospace companies, indicators such as exports, imports, and strategic partnerships were considered.