"Strategy is what makes you unique and gives you advantage."

Porter, 2005

The purpose of this study is to lay the groundwork for such a model. Objective of this study is to flesh out core patterns of the Standardized Strategic Assessment Framework (SSAF) for sustainable competitive advantage and provide a framework for linking these patterns to theory and each other. Its intended contribution is therefore focused on the analysis of the role of company's resources, competencies and capabilities with respect to develop a model of the SSAF.

The SSAF can be defined as a tool which will aid with evaluation of the future competitive strength of manufacturing industry. Six patterns of competitive advantage are used to develop the SSAF model, including Research and Development (R&D), Product Innovation (PtI), Process Innovation (PsI) Technology Adoption (TA), Operational Excellence (OE), and Global Engagement (GL).

In this project, the focus area is divided into three parts, including neo-classical economics (e.g. Solowian growth theory), organization strategy (Porter's five forces -external factors and Barney's internal factors) systems enginerring (IDEF0 function modelling). The SSAF is a framework not a model. However, in the future it will comprise detailed models based on obtaining data.

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