Ancient Cities of the New World

A book series published by the University Press of Florida.

Series editors: John W. Janusek, Marilyn A. Masson, and Michael E. Smith

The book series, “Ancient Cities of the New World,” is designed to accommodate the impressive growth of archaeological fieldwork at ancient urban sites in Mesoamerica and South America and the need for dissemination and comparison of new knowledge about New World urban patterns. Advances in cross-cultural urban studies contribute to the timeliness of this series, which responds directly to a demand for scholarly yet popular books and textbooks that synthesize aspects of New World cultures. Books in the series will combine scholarly rigor with readable prose and an attractive production style. Authors will be archaeologists and other scholars with a first-hand knowledge of the subject matter.

The first book to appear is Aztec City-State Capitals by Michael E. Smith. Other titles are at various stages of planning and writing.

Our books will be single-author (or multiple-author) books, not edited collections. Most will focus on a single city, but some books will cover a series of related cities. We envision a published length of ca. 250-300 pages, which will include numerous illustrations and necessary tables, notes, bibliography, and index.



Books under contract and being written:

Aztec City-State Capitals, by Michael E. Smith.

Monte Albán and Urban Life in Prehispanic Oaxaca, by Marcus Winter, Robert Markens, Cira Martínez López, and Arthur A. Joyce.

Palenque: Western Capital of the Ancient Maya, by Edwin L. Barnhart.

Tenochtitlan: Capital City of the Aztec Empire, by José Luis de Rojas.


Books being negotiated:

Information about the series can be found in our Series Description document.

Potential authors should contact one of the series editors:

Dr. John W. Janusek, Vanderbilt University: Email Website

Dr. Marilyn A. Masson, University at Albany (SUNY): Email Website

Dr. Michael E. Smith, Arizona State University: Email Website.

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