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ASU Archaeology, Bioarchaeology, and Paleoanthropology Faculty

David R. Abbott ( PhD, Arizona State U, 1994; Assoc Prof ) Archaeology, community organization, ceramic analysis, large-scale irrigation management, quantitative analysis ; Hohokam, Southwest US
Brenda J. Baker ( PhD, U Massachusetts-Amherst, 1992; Assoc Prof ) Bioarcheology, human osteology, paleopathology ; N America, Egypt, Nubia, Cyprus
C. Michael Barton or see additional web page ( PhD, U Arizona, 1987; Prof, Collections Curator ) Archaeology, hunter-gatherers & agricultural origins, human ecology, geoarchaeology, lithic technology, spatial technology & computer applications, evolutionary theory ; Old World (Mediterranean) & western N America
Jane E. Buikstra or see additional web page( PhD, U Chicago, 1972; Prof ) Prehistoric skeletal populations from the Americas, bone microstructure, social dimensions of mortuary behavior, forensic anthropology, paleopathology, paleonutrition, biological distance, biological impact of European colonization in the Americas, host-pathogen co-evolution
Christopher G. Carr ( PhD, U Michigan, 1979; Prof ) Archaeology, method & theory, quantitative analysis, ecology, death and dying across cultures, mortuary practices, worldview, symbolism, style, art ; Eastern US
Geoffrey A. Clark ( PhD, U Chicago, 1971; Regents' Prof; Editor, "Anthropological Research Papers" ) Old World prehistory, systematics in paleoanthropology, logic of inference, human evolution ; W Europe, Near East, Africa
Steven E. Falconer ( PhD, U Arizona, 1987; Prof ) Archaeology, complex societies, urbanism & ruralism, ceramic analysis, settlement patterns, landscape change ; Near East, Mediterranean Basin esp. Cyprus, Levant, Mesopotamia
Michelle Hegmon ( PhD, U Michigan, 1990; Prof ) Southwestern archaeology, social theory, socio-ecology, ceramics, gender
Keith W. Kintigh or see additional web page( PhD, U Michigan, 1982; Prof ) Archaeology, quantitative analysis, sociopolitical organization, settlement patterns, archaeological data integration ; US Southwest
Kelly J. Knudson ( PhD, U Wisconsin-Madison, 2004; Asst Prof ) Bioarchaeology; Archaeological Chemistry; Residential Mobility and Paleodiet; Andes
Curtis Marean or see additional web page( PhD, UC Berkeley, 1990; Prof ) Human oigins, evolution and diversity, societies and their natural environments, archaeology, paleoanthropology, zooarchaeology ; Africa, Near Eas
Ben A. Nelson ( Ph D, S Illinois U-Carbondale, 1980; Prof & Assoc Dir ) Archaeology, ethnoarcheology, political transformations, especially in frontier contexts; long- distance exchange ; Mesoamerica, Southwest
Margaret C. Nelson ( PhD, U California-Santa Barbara, 1981; Pi-of & Assoc Dean Barrett Honors Coll ) Archaeology, technology, land use, mobility ; North American Southwest
Charles L. Redman ( PhD, U Chicago, 1971; Virginia M Ullman Professor Natural History and the Environment; Prof & Dir Global Inst of Sustainability ) Ubanization, historical ecology, research design, human impact on the environment, public involvement, long-term ecological research ; US Southwest, Old World (Near East & N Africa)
Rachel E. Scott (PhD, U Pennsylvania, 2006; Asst Prof ) Bioarchaeology, identity formation, body & identity, social construction of disease & disability, European archaeology, mortuary practices, human osteology, paleopathology; Britain, Ireland
Arleyn W. Simon PhD, Arizona State U, 1988; Assoc Res Prof & Dir Arch Res Inst, Dir OCRM ) Archaeology, ceramic techno logy and analysis, quantitative methods ; US Southwest, Great Plains
Michael E. Smith or see additional web page ( PhD, U Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 1983; Prof ) Mesoamerican archaeology & ethnohistory, political economy of ancient states, urbanization, empires ; Postclassic Central Mexico, Aztecs
Katherine A. Spielmann ( PhD, U Michigan, 1982; Prof ) Archaeology, ecology, craft specialization, exchange ; N America
Barbara L. Stark ( PhD, Yale U, 1974; Prof ) archaeology, complex society ; Mesoamerica
Christopher Stojanowski (PhD, U New Mexico, 2001; Assit Prof) Contact-era population biology; Native Americans; biocultural skeletal biology; quantitative microevolution; SE and SW US, Africa
Sander van der Leeuw ( PhD , U Amsterdam, 1976; Prof & Dir ) Environmental archaeology, ceramic technology, theory, regional & interdisciplinary approaches

Active Emeritus Archaeologists:

George L. Cowgill (PhD, Harvard U, 1963) Ideational and sociopolitical aspects of ancient complex societies, ancient and modern population processes, mathematical and computer methods in archaeology, archaeological theory; Mesoamerica, especially Teotihuacan..
Sylvia W. Gaines (PhD, Arizona State U, 1973) Archaeology, computer simulation of ecological models; US Southwest.
Glen E Rice (PhD, U Washington, 1975) Archaeology, explanatory models, analytical methods, research design implementation; Arid US Southwest.

Brenda J. Baker
Jane E. Buikstra or see additional web page
Christopher G. Carr
Kelly J. Knudson
Margaret C. Nelson
Rachel E. Scott
Katherine A. Spielmann
Christopher M. Stojanowski

C. Michael Barton or see additional web page
Geoffrey A. Clark
Donald C. Johanson
William H. Kimbel
Curtis Marean or see additional web page
Kaye E. Reed
Gary T. Schwartz
Mark A. Spencer

Archaeologists in Other Departments and Programs:
Thomas Morton (School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture; Archaeology and Urbanism of the Roman Empire)
Nancy Serwint (School of Art; Archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean)
Aribidesi A. Usman (African and African American Studies; Archaeology of West Africa)

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