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I am an archaeologist specializing in the Aztecs of central Mexico. My professional title is Professor of Anthropology in the School of Human Evolution and Social Change (formerly the Department of Anthropology) at Arizona State University. My other affiliations are: Affiliated Faculty in the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning (ASU); Core Faculty, Center for Social Dynamics and Complexity (ASU); and Investigador External, El Colegio Mexiquense (Toluca, Mexico). I have directed fieldwork projects at Aztec sites in the Mexican state of Morelos and in the Toluca Valley.

My research focuses on two broad areas: Aztec social and economic organization, and the comparative analysis of ancient urban societies. My theoretical and comparative interests derive from a scientific, materialist, political-economy approach to ancient state societies. I have published on topics of urbanism, imperialism, households, and economic organization. Currently, my students and I are working on artifacts excavated from Calixtlahuaca (NSF support), and I am working on a transdisciplinary urbanism project (with NSF support). I am also working on questions of resilience and prosperity in Aztec rural households, and the application of new models and methods to the study of ancient social ilnequality.I see archaeology as a comparative and historical social science whose unique datasets (e.g., change over long periods, and access information on distinctive ancient societies) can and should inform broader research in the social sciences.

No, I am NOT the interior decorator of the Obama White House (nor am I the jockey who won the Kentucky Derby in 2005)

Biographical and Professional Information:

Publications & downloads (my page)
Selected Works site with some of my articles
My page on Academia.edu (has recent papers to download)
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Curriculum Vitae
Student bibliography on the Aztecs
Book series: Ancient Cities of the New World
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Some non-technical papers :

Research Material, Toluca Valley:
Calixtlahuaca Web Page (new, rudimentary)
Matlatzinco Home Page (Postclassic Toluca Valley)
Report on Preliminary Research at Calixtlahuaca
Photos of Classic Period ceramics from Calixtlahuaca
The Roman figurine from Calixtlahuaca, Mexico
Brief description of fieldwork plans

Research Material, Morelos:
Redware Sherds Analyzed by NAA
Tlahuica Culture Home Page (Postclassic Morelos)
La Cultura Tlahuica de Morelos (lo mismo, en español)
Excavations at the Aztec City of Yautepec
Aztec Rural Sites, Cuexcomate and Capilco
"La Cerámica Postclásica de Morelos" (paper with illustrations)

Some recent publications: (sorry, this has gone out of date. Check Academia.edu for my recent publications.

"How Can Archaeologists Make Better Arguments " (2015)

"Archaeology as a Social Science" (2012)
"The Role of Ancient Cities in Research on Contemporary Urbanization" (2012)
"Sustainable Agrarian Urbanism" (2013)
Empirical Urban Theory for Archaeologists" (2011)
"Aztec Ritual" (2011)
"La época posclásica en Morelos..." (2010)
"Sprawl, Squatters, and Sustainable Cities: ..." (2010)
"Archaeological Study of Neighborhoods"
"V Gordon Childe and the Urban Revolution" (2009)
"Form & Meaning in the Earliest Cities" (2007)

ASU Links:

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- Podcast on Open Access publishing at ASU
- Urban Organization Through the Ages: Neighborhoods, Open Spaces, and Urban Life

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