Flora of the Sweetwater Mountains

Workshop sponsored by the Jepson Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley
Northern Mono County, California
June 2002

Instructors: Matt Lavin (Montana State University) and Marty Wojciechowski (Arizona State University)

    The Sweetwater Mountains are located between West Walker River and East Walker River at the north end of Mono County, at the boundary of the Sierra Nevada and Intermountain floristic regions, just north of the town of Bridgeport, California. The surrounding upper Walker River drainage includes an area of approximately 4,000 square km from the crest of the Sierra to the Bodie, Masonic, and Pine Grove hills of eastern California and western Nevada, and from Conway Summit-Virginia Lakes area north to the Topaz Lake-Monitor Pass area. This small area displays a diverse vascular flora, with more than 1,100 taxa. An updated checklist of plants in the flora of the Walker River basin will be provided to participants.

    This workshop will begin Thursday evening, June 20th, in Bridgeport with an introductory lecture. Friday will be spent in the lower elevation region along the East Walker River; Saturday and Sunday will be spent at higher elevation areas in the Sweetwater Mountains. Through driving tours (high-clearance, multi-passenger vehicles recommended) and easy to moderate walks (some at elevations above 10,000 feet), participants will have the opportunity to explore the general vegetation of the Sweetwater Mountains in several habitats and elevation zones. We plan to camp at the Craggs Campground south of Bridgeport, which will have limited amenities. Minimizing the number of vehicles on the trip will be important in order to reduce impacts to the environment and provide better access to field sites with limited parking.

Pictures from the workshop

Checklist of vascular plants from Sweetwater Mountains