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Phylogenetics Resources on the WWW


Angiosperm Phylogeny Website at Missouri Botanical Garden
ATV - a phylogenetic tree display tool
BAMBE, Bayesian Analysis in Molecular Biology and Evolution website
ClustalX Help
Cyanobase, genome database for cyanobacteria
DEEP GENE, integrating plant phylogenetics and genomics
DEEP GREEN, the Green Plant Phylogeny Research Coordination Group
DEEP TIME, a comprehensive phylogenetic tree of living and fossil green plants
European Bioinformatics Institute's BioCatalog phylogeny site
Evolutionary Biology Group at the University of Oxford, home of Se-Al, CAIC, Seq-Gen, etc.
Genome Access Course on Phylogenetics at Cold Spring Harbor Lab
Genome Web List of Genome Sites
GOBASE: the organellar genome database
Grass Phylogeny Working Group
HOBACEN, Homologous Bacterial Gene Database
IUBioarchive for Biology data and software
JGI, DOE's Joint Genome Institute
MacClade website
Mesquite website
MITOMAP, database related to human mitochondrial genome
MEGA, Molecular Evolutionary Genetic Analysis website
ModelTest website
MrBayes website
MrBayes Block form
NCBI, National Center for Biotechnology Information, home of BLAST, ENTREZ, etc.
NCGR, National Center for Genome Resources
Neighbor TreeMaker
NONA, Winclada website
Organellar Genome MegaSequencing Project, database of complete organelle genomes
Phylodendron, Phylogenetic Tree Printer
PAML, Phylogenetic Analysis by Maximum Likelihood website
PAUP*, Phylogenetic Analysis using Parsimony (*and other methods) website
Phylogenetics Glossary
PHYLIP website
Phylogeny: just methods
Phylogeny and Evolution menu, at the UK HGMP Resource Centre
Phylogeny of Life "Exhibit Hall" at the UC Berkeley Museum of Paleontology
Phylogeny Programs , one-stop "shopping" at Joe Felsenstein's website
Phylogenetic Resources via the UC Berkeley Museum of Paleontology's "Subway"
r8s website
Ribosomal Database Project II, a database of large and small subunit rRNAs
SASB Introduction to Phylogenetics
Supertree Server
TIGR, The Institute for Genome Research
TreeBASE, A database of phylogenetic information
Tree of Life Web Project
TreeView website
Workshop on Molecular Evolution, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole

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