Base Case Results (Existing Network)

Results for Selected Improvements in Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe

Results for Improvements Suggested by ASU MUEP Students for Improving Connectivity to Light Rail Stations


Base Bike Network East Valley

RDI Composite Entire Valley

RDI Change Entire Valley

Student Suggestions Entire Region

Employment Clusters (20)

Base Bike Network West Valley

RDI Composite Phoenix

RDI Change East Valley

Student Suggestions Mesa

Central Business Districts (7)

Selected Improvements - All

RDI for Employment East Valley

RDI Change West Valley

Student Suggestions Phoenix

Light Rail Stations (28/33)

Selected Improvements East Valley

RDI for Employment West Valley



ASU Campuses (4)

Selected Improvements West Valley

RDI for Light Rail Stations East Valley



MCC Campuses (19)

Selected Improvements Mesa

RDI for Light Rail Stations West Valley



Public High Schools (71)

Selected Improvements Phoenix

RDI for ASU Campuses



Major Stadium Complexes (3)

Selected Improvements Scottsdale

RDI for High Schools East Valley



Shopping Centers (134)

Selected Improvements Tempe

RDI for High Schools West Valley



SRP Canals at mid-block points (117)


RDI for Canal Midpoints East Valley



SRP Main Facilities


RDI for Canal Midpoints West Valley





RDI for SRP Facilities East Valley





RDI for SRP Facilities West Valley