Consumer Decision-Making in Purchasing or Leasing a Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicle

Hi, we are a team of researchers from Arizona State University, University of Southern California, and University of Nevada at Reno. We are currently conducting two studies on how drivers make the decision whether or not to purchase or lease a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle (FCV). In the California study, we would like to interview drivers who seriously considered purchasing a fuel-cell vehicle, regardless of whether they eventually did or did not do so. In the Hartford, CT region, we would like to interview any driver about their preferences among several hypothetical maps of hydrogen stations.


California Interviews

We have completed our first round of longer in-person interviews, and are now recruiting California residents to participate in a second round of shorter interviews via phone, Skype, or FaceTime. Interviews will take about 20 minutes and will focus on the factors impacting your vehicle purchasing or leasing decision process. We are interested in interviewing current or former California drivers who:

-          are over the age of 18

-          have purchased or leased a fuel-cell vehicle and taken possession of it, or

-          seriously considered purchasing or leasing a fuel-cell vehicle but decided not to.

Your participation in this study is voluntary. The information you provide will remain confidential and be used for research purposes only. As a token of our appreciation for your time and cooperation, we are offering a $10 Amazon gift card. If you have any questions concerning the research study and/or would like to participate, please contact Dr. Michael Kuby at or PhD student Oscar Lopez at


Thank you for your consideration.


School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

PO Box 875302 Tempe, AZ 85287-5302

(480) 965-7533 Fax: (480)965-8313


Our research team. From left to right:

-          Rhian Stotts, Lecturer, Arizona State University, School of Human Evolution and Social Change,

-          Oscar Lopez, PhD student, ASU, School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning,

-          On screen: Scott Kelley, Assistant Professor, University of Nevada at Reno, Dept. of Geography,

-          Michael Kuby, Professor, ASU, School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning,

Photos Below:

-          Darren Ruddell, Associate Professor, Spatial Sciences, University of Southern California,

-          Aimee Krafft, Masters Student, University of Nevada at Reno, Dept of Geography,

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Study funded by National Science Foundation, Geography and Spatial Sciences Division, Grant No. 1660514.

Hartford, Connecticut Online Survey

We are interested in learning about consumer preferences for hypothetical locations of hydrogen fuel stations in the Hartford region. If you are: 1) over the age of 18, 2) live in the Hartford Connecticut metropolitan area, and 3) have a driver's license, you are eligible to participate in this study.


To thank you for your time and cooperation, you will be entered into a sweepstake for one of fifteen $50 gift cards. We will collect your email address separately from your survey responses in order to preserve the anonymity of your responses.


Your participation in this study is voluntary and you may stop the survey at any time without penalty. If you have any questions, need additional materials, or have general concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the project's principal investigator please contact the Principal Investigator: Professor Michael Kuby,, 602-750-9907. This research has been reviewed and approved by ASU's Institutional Review Board. You may also contact them at 480-965-6788 if you have questions, comments, or concerns that are not addressed by the research team. The information you provide about yourself, your travel patterns, and your preferences for station locations will remain confidential and will be used for statistical and geographic analysis only. No identifying information will be shared with an external agency or person, and there are no foreseeable risks or discomforts to your participation.


If you agree to participate in this study, click Continue below. Thank you for your consideration.