Papers Related to Energy Systems Optimization


Sommer, Curtis R., Michael Kuby, and Gordon Bloomquist. The Economic Geography of Geothermal District Energy in a Small Community. Geothermics 32:3-19. (This paper used a CAD-based model called HeatMap rather than mathematical programming to choose the best well site and best service area.)


Kuby, Michael and Zhijun Xie. 2001. The Effect of Restructuring on U.S. Coal Mining Labor Productivity, 1980-1995. Energy–The International Journal 26:1015–1030. (This paper isn’t an optimization model per se, but it was written initially for the U.S. DOE to help them define a crucial assumption in the National Energy Modeling System.)


Xie, Zhijun and Michael Kuby. 1997 Supply Side-Demand Side Optimization and Cost-Environment Tradeoffs for China's Coal and Electricity Delivery System. Energy Policy 25:313–326. (This paper added energy conservation options to the China Coal Transport Study, and looked at the cost-pollution tradeoffs. We found that China’s energy demands can be satisfied with less cost and less ash, sulfur, and carbon dioxide pollution than in the supply-side-only results.)


Kuby, Michael, Shi Qingqi, Thawat Watanatada, Sun Xufei, Cao Wei, Xie Zhijun, Zhou Dadi, Zhang Chuntai, Yu Xiaodong, Lin Fatang, Peter Cook, Terry Friesz, Susan Neuman, Rong Jiang, Wang Xuesheng, Gao Shenhuai. 1995. Planning China's Coal and Electricity Delivery System. Interfaces 25:41–68. (This paper about the China Coal Transport Study was published in the Special Issue of Interfaces containing papers by all six Franz Edelman Finalists. The other finalists were Tata Iron and Steel Co. in India (the winner), Digital Equipment Co., Bellcore, the Hanshin Expressway in Japan, and the U.S. Army. These papers, and the Franz Edelman Award in general, focus on proven impacts that operations research models have on the client organizations.)


Kuby, Michael, Susan Neuman, Zhang Chuntai, Peter Cook, Zhou Dadi, Terry Friesz, Shi Qingqi, Gao Shenhuai, Thawat Watanatada, Cao Wei, Sun Xufei, and Xie Zhijun. 1993. A Strategic Investment Planning Model for China's Coal and Electricity Delivery System. Energy–The International Journal 18:1–24. (This paper presents the mathematical programming model used in the China Coal Transport Study.)


Kuby, Michael, Samuel Ratick, and Jeffrey Osleeb. 1991. Modeling U.S. Coal Export Planning Decisions. Annals of the Association of American Geographers 81:627–649. (This paper summarized the results of our work for the Army Corps of Engineers on the optimal deepening of U.S.  ports to enable larger, more economical ships to be used for coal exports.)


Osleeb, Jeffrey, Samuel Ratick, Michael Kuby, Howard Olson, Lloyd Antle, Arthur Hawnn. 1989. The Coal Logistics System (COLS). Transportation Research Record 1222:6–13. (This paper summarized the model used to analyze the logistics of U.S. coal exports).


Ratick, Samuel J. and Michael J. Kuby. 1987. Regional Assessment of Coal Utilization Technologies Using Mathematical Programming. Applications of Management Science 5:155–195. (This paper developed a model for analyzing the economic and geographical tradeoffs among various technological choices for satisfying the newly-implemented sulfur dioxide regulations. Coal washing, flue gas desulfurization (FGD), and use of low-sulfur coal were the choices. In retrospect ,even though this paper only applied our model to a small sample problem,  I view it  as a key paper in my career. My experience in modeling coal washing on this paper got me hired to help with the China Coal Transport Study, which led to subsequent work in China. It was also the first of several papers that showed the importance of adding technological choice to location-transportation optimization, not to mention the importance of considering spatial networks when studying technological choice. This theme was later developed when we added coal washing, electricity transmission, hydropower, and energy conservation technologies to the China Coal Transport Study, and in my work with Max Wyman on solar vs. incinerator technologies for toxic waste.


Osleeb, Jeffrey, Samuel Ratick, Patrick Buckley, Michael Kuby, and Keumsook Lee. 1986. Evaluating Dredging and Offshore Loading Locations for U.S. Coal Exports Using the Coal Logistics System. Annals of Operations Research 6:163–180.