Marcia Levitus

Biophysical Chemistry






I am always looking for enthusiastic, motivated and hard-working graduate students who enjoy working in an interdisciplinary environment. If you are interested in learning more about research possibilities in the Levitus lab, please send me an e-mail with some information about you and your interests.

Marcia Levitus, Principal Investigator

NSF-CAREER Award 2006
I-APS Young Investigator Award 2010
Current Position: Professor, School of Molecular Sciences (Formerly Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry). Arizona State University.
Member of the Center for Single Molecule Biophysics-Biodesign Institute.
Affiliated faculty of the Department of Physics.

Souvik Poddar
graduate student, Biochemistry.

Kaitlyn Parrott
graduate student, Biochemistry.

Former members


Nikita Kumari
Ph.D. Chemistry. 2021

Bryan Ugaz
Barret Honors College. 2021

Anirban Purohit
Ph.D. Biochemistry. 2020

Bryan Donaphon
Ph.D. Chemistry. 2018

Andrew Serban
Ph.D. Biochemistry. 2018 (co-advised with Rebekka Wachter)

Moses Onyeabor
Barrett Honors College. 2018

Monika Ciuba
Ph.D. Chemistry. 2017

Elana Stennett
Ph.D. Chemistry. 2015

Jennifer England
Ph.D. Chemistry. 2015

Manas Chakraborty
Ph.D. Chemistry. 2014

David Kanno
undergraduate student, Chemistry.

Jesus Aguilar
undergraduate student, Biochemistry.

Suman Ranjit
Ph.D. Chemistry. 2013

Kaushik Gurunathan
Ph.D. Chemistry. 2011

Tedman Torres
Ph.D, Physics. 2009

Billie Jo Harvey
M.S., Physics. 2008

Brian Connolly
M.S. Chemistry. 2005-2007.

Matthew Sanborn
undergraduate student, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Mahinda Ranasinghe
postdoc 2005-2006

Shian Zhang
Postdoc, physics.

Claudia Perez
Undergraduate student, bioengineering.

Priscilla Luna
undergraduate student, Biochemistry/Honors program

Mikala Mehlau
High school summer intern

Laura Estrada
Visiting graduate student. 2005
Universidad de Buenos Aires