Marcia Levitus

Biophysical Chemistry






CHM117- General Chemistry for Majors I (second half of the semester)

Course description: Covers electronic structure of atoms and molecules, intermolecular forces, bonding models, molecular geometry, physical states of matter, gas laws, and chemistry of condensed matter and modern materials.

Teaching Evaluations: 2018 scores / comments. 2021 scores / comments.

CHM118- General Chemistry for Majors II

Course description: Continuation of CHM 117 lecture course in general chemistry for chemistry and biochemistry majors and is complemented by the major's CHM 112 laboratory course. Topics include thermodynamics, properties of solutions, chemical equilibrium, aqueous chemistry, acids and bases, electrochemistry, chemical kinetics, nuclear chemistry.

Teaching Evaluations: 2021 scores / comments. 2022 scores / comments.

BCH341- Physical Chemistry with a Biological Focus

Course description: Thermodynamics, equilibrium, states of matter, solutions and chemical kinetics with a focus on biological systems. For students in biochemical, premedical, biomedical and educational curricula.

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CHM240- Mathematical Methods in Chemistry

Course description: Introduces mathematical/computational methods in chemical kinetics, thermodynamics, quantum chemistry. Mathematica-based computer lab.

I make this freely avaiable to anyone that may find it useful, but I ask that you drop me a message and you acknowledge the source if you use it for teaching.

Teaching Evaluations: 2017 scores / comments.