This is a high speed video clip of simultaneous bedload and suspended load transport.  The width of the video is 2.2 centimeters. Bedload and suspended particles are approximately 1mm and 0.1mm. The video was taken at a rate of 250 frames/sec, and each frame has an exposure time of 1/10,000 second. Illumination was provided by a 50Watt, high-power, near-infrared, diode laser sheet.  The sheet has a width of about 1mm, but a wider swath of the bed is visible due to light scattering by the sediment.
If you look closely, you will see that the high rate of bedload transport correlates with  high suspended sediment concentration at the beginning of the clip. I am beginning to explore the relation between near-bed turbulent structures, bedload transport, and the entrainment and disentrainment of suspended sediment.

The animation is run by a Java applet:  Copyright (C) 1998-1999 by Klaus Ehrenfried. Click on the animation first and then you can manipulate the playback properties with the following commands.
Key Function
Running Stopped
SPACE-BAR Stop Restart
Dot (.) Stop & Set forward play Step forward & Set forward play
Comma (,) Stop & Set reverse play Step backward & Set reverse play
Plus (+) Increase animation speed
Minus (-) Decrease animation speed
Null (0) Set initial animation speed
(R) or (r) Toggle play direction: backward/forward