DIFFaX is a Fortran 77 computer program that computes diffraction from layered
crystals that contain stacking faults. It is maintained by Mike Treacy.

To download a unix tar.gz file, click on the link below
DIFFaX v1.813

It contains the source and data files
as well as a collection of example files. Also included is a g77-compiled version for Intel processors that runs from the command line in the Mac OSX terminal window.

The manual DIFFaX_manual.pdf can be dowloaded by clicking on the link
DIFFaX manual

An older Macintosh PowerPC OSX compatible executable, MacDIFFaX,
can be downloaded by clicking on the following link
MacDIFFaX v1.812

A windows version (v1.813) is available by clicking on the link
DIFFaX_v1813 for Windows.

If any of these links fail, you can get DIFFaX directly from Mike Treacy.

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Last updated May 20th, 2010.

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