ZeoFile_pds is a Hypercard™ stack that runs on Macintosh™ computers under OS 9.

It was part of a larger suite of Hypercard™ stacks that were collectively called ZeoFile. ZeoFile was a zeolite database written by John Newsam and myself way back in 1989, and is no longer maintained (or available).

ZeoFile_pds computes powder diffraction patterns given a crystal space group and the coordinates of the asymmetric unit of atoms. It actually does quite a bit more. I still use it for computing electron scattering structure factors and other crystallographically interesting data. In fact, a special version of ZeoFile_pds generated all the data, tables, plots, and the LaTeX typesetting commands, for the book

Although it is beginning to show its age, ZeoFile_pds is still pretty useful.

A fairly complete help file can be found by clicking on the "?" symbol at the upper left of the stack page.

Click here to download a Stuffit™ file containing the Macintosh OS 9-only version

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Last updated July 18th, 2005.

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