Curriculum Vitae________Teaching


Nicolai V. Kuminoff

Associate Professor

Department of Economics

Arizona State University

Research Associate

National Bureau of Economic Research

office: CPCOM 455H



link: ASU economics PhD program

Center for Environmental Economics & Sustainability Policy


Current Projects


Valuing Statistical Life Using Seniors Medical Spending

Co-authors: Jonathan Ketcham, Nirman Saha

> Working paper

The Marginal Cost of Mortality Risk Reduction: Evidence from Housing Markets

Co-authors: Kelly Bishop, Sophie Mathes, Alvin Murphy

> Working paper

The Illness-Poverty-Amenity Trap

Co-authors: Jonathan Ketcham, Sophie Mathes

Stochastic Dominance Tests of Health Insurance Enrollment Decisions

Co-authors: Jonathan Ketcham, Tomas Sanguinetti



Selected Publications



Hazed and Confused: The Effect of Air Pollution on Dementia

Co-authors: Kelly Bishop, Jonathan Ketcham

> Forthcoming in Review of Economic Studies.

> NBER working paper

National Expenditures on Local Amenities

Co-authors: David Bieri, Jaren Pope

> Forthcoming in Journal of Environmental Economics and Management.

> Working paper


Evaluating Consumers Choices of Medicare Part D Plans: A Study in Behavioral Welfare Economics

Co-authors: Michael Keane, Jonathan Ketcham, Tim Neal

> Journal of Econometrics. 2021. 222(1): 107-140.

> NBER working paper

Best Practices in Using Hedonic Property Value Models for Welfare Measurement

Co-authors: Kelly Bishop, Spencer Banzhaf, Kevin Boyle, Kathrine von Graevenitz,

Jaren Pope, V. Kerry Smith, Christopher Timmins

> Review of Environmental Economics and Policy. 2020. 14(2): 260-281.

> Working paper

> slide deck

> 20-minute video summary

Estimating the Heterogeneous Welfare Effects of Choice Architecture

Co-authors: Jonathan Ketcham, Christopher Powers

> International Economic Review. 2019. 60(3): 1171-1208.

> NBER working paper

Can Understanding Spatial Equilibrium Enhance Benefit Transfers for Environmental Policy Evaluation?

> Environmental and Resource Economics. 2018. 69(3): 591-608.

> Working paper

Choice Inconsistencies among the Elderly: Evidence from Plan Choice in the Medicare Part D Program: Comment

Co-authors: Jonathan Ketcham, Christopher Powers

> American Economic Review. 2016. 106(12): 3932-3961.

> NBER working paper

> Reply to comments by Abaluck and Gruber

Environmental Regulations and the Welfare Effects of Job Layoffs in the United States: A Spatial Approach

Co-authors: Todd Schoellman, Christopher Timmins

> Review of Environmental Economics and Policy. 2015. 9(2): 198-218

> Working paper

> EPA workshop draft with additional modeling and results

Partial Identification of Amenity Demand Functions

Co-authors: Kevin Boyle, Congwen Zhang

> Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. 2015. 71(1): 180-197.

> Working paper

Do Capitalization Effects for Public Goods Reveal the Public Willingness to Pay?

Co-authors: Jaren Pope

> International Economic Review. 2014. 55(4): 1227-1250.

> Working paper

The New Economics of Equilibrium Sorting and Policy Evaluation Using Housing Markets

Co-authors: V. Kerry Smith, Christopher Timmins

> Journal of Economic Literature. 2013. 51(4): 1007-1062.

> NBER working paper

What Can We Learn from Benefit Transfer Errors? Evidence from 20 Years of Research on Convergent Validity

Co-authors: Kevin Boyle, Sapna Kaul, Christopher Parmeter, Jaren Pope

> Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. 2013. 66(1): 90-104.

> Working paper

The Value of Land and Structures during the Great Housing Boom and Bust

Co-authors: Jaren Pope

> Land Economics. 2013. 89(1): 1-29.

> Working paper

A Novel Approach to Identifying Hedonic Demand Parameters

Co-authors: Jaren Pope

> Economics Letters. 2012. 116(3): 374-376.

> Working paper

Which Hedonic Models Can We Trust to Recover the Marginal Willingness to Pay for Environmental Amenities?

Co-authors: Christopher Parmeter, Jaren Pope

> Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. 2010. 60(3): 145-160.

> Working paper

A New Approach to Computing Hedonic Equilibria and Investigating the Properties of Locational Sorting Models

Co-authors: Abdul Jarrah

> Journal of Urban Economics. 2010. 67(3): 322-335

> Working paper

> Matlab code and documentation

Why Isnt More U.S. Farmland Organic?

Co-authors: Ada Wossink

> Journal of Agricultural Economics. 2010. 61(2): 240-258.

> Working paper

Are Travelers Willing to Pay a Premium to Stay at a Green Hotel? Evidence from an Internal Meta-Analysis of Hedonic Price Premia

Co-authors: Jeta Rudi, Congwen Zhang

> Agricultural and Resource Economics Review. 2010. 39(3): 468-484.

> Working paper

The Benefit Transfer Challenges

Co-authors: Kevin Boyle, Christopher Parmeter, Jaren Pope

> Annual Review of Resource Economics. 2010. 2: 161-182.

> Working paper

Necessary Conditions for Valid Benefit Transfers

Co-authors: Kevin Boyle, Christopher Parmeter, Jaren Pope

> American Journal of Agricultural Economics. 2009. 91(5): 1328-1334.

> Working paper

Decomposing the Structural Identification of Nonmarket Values

> Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. 2009. 57(2): 123-139.

> Working paper



Older Working Papers


National Evidence on Air Pollution Avoidance Behavior

Co-authors: Danielle Back, Eric Van Buren, Scott Van Buren

> R&R @ Land Economics.

> Working paper

Partial Identification of Preferences from a Dual Market Sorting Equilibrium

> R&R @ Econometrica.

> Working paper