Eat outside the box

My lovely chickens

I'm not suggesting everyone wears leaves.... ...but you can be a little more conscious of the impact of your actions!

Post-oil survival

Food and Drink

Wild Forage: Learn to find what Nature offers in terms of food and spices.

Wild Man The Forager Press Mushrooms

(**be careful, always double check identifications in multiple books, harvest sustainably)

Victory Garden: A small garden patch, or even a windowsill.

Heirloom Seeds

Chickens: Eggs for all, and meat for the very brave. My chickens laid the best eggs in town. They have also provided the local wildlife with many meals (Red Fox, Possum, Raccoon, Skunk, Cooper's Hawk, Fisher Cat)

Chicken Tractor

Slow Living: What an idea! Slowing our cyber-speedy pace down a little may be really good for our health.

Slow Food USA

House and Home

From the Source: Do you know what the clothes you are wearing are made of? Chances are, most of your clothing is synthetic- made from Petroleum. Yuck.

Is your home insulated? Do you waste energy? Do you ride a bike instead of drive?