Previous courses (ASU, Lecturer)

Course Name
Biology 187 (now it is Bio 182): Introduction to Biology for Majors.
Fall 08/Spring 09
Fall 09/Spring 2010
Syllabus S2010
Animal Behavior
Summer 2010
Syllabus Sum2010

Previously taught (UCONN, Teaching Assistant)

Course Name
Introduction to Biology for non-majors.
Fall 08/Spring 09
Introduction to Biology for majors (anatomy + physiology)
Spring 02/03/04
Introduction to Biology for majors (Plant based)
Spring 06/07
Ecology (upper division majors)
Fall 03/03/06/07


My primary goal in each class is to provide my students with the knowledge and skills required for academic progress. In addition, I hope to provide them with a challenging experience that provides them with the skills necessary to be thoughtful members of society. Some students are avid naturalists, very enthusiastic, with a strong grasp of important environmental/ecological/human issues. Most are not. These are the students that I hope to influence. 

Each student learns best through their own unique combination of verbal, visual, and kinetic cues. Each concept/fact is presented with a combination of cues to allow students with different learning styles the same advantage.  I am strict and fair: from the first lesson the student knows that my expectations are high.  On the other hand, I work hard not to distance myself from my students. They teach me as much as I teach them.

Some ideas that I have run across that resonate with me:

Developing Ecological Consciousness: A Path to a Sustainable Future

(Christopher Uhl)

Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit disorder

(Richard Louv)

I believe in the practice of non-violent communication in the classroom, as a tool to open students up to new or foreign ideas (especially Evolution, individual changes for global good)