ROM 313 Intermediate Composition and Conversation I (3)
ROM 314 Intermediate Composition and Conversation II (3)
ROM 411 Advanced Spoken and Written Romanian I (3)
ROM 412 Advanced Spoken and Written Romanian II (3)
ROM 494 Advanced Romanian Grammar I (3)
ROM 499 Independent Study (3)

Total:    18                                                                                                                     
The Romanian minor consists of 18-semester hours of ROM- courses above ROM-201. This minor is so structured that it requires all ROM semester hours of it be at the upper-division (300- and above) levels.                                                                                                           
NOTES FOR MINOR and BIS EMPHASIS AREA:                                                                                                          
*A grade of C or better must be achieved in all courses to be counted toward the minor.                                                                                                           
*A minimum of 6 upper-division hours in the minor must be taken in residence at ASU Main.                                                                                                
*Pass/Fail courses cannot be used for the minor.                                                                                                    
*ROM101 through 201 are not applicable to the minor.                                                                                                      
*Course substitutions are permitted for Heritage speakers and other advanced speakers of Romanian. 

Please contact Prof. Ileana Orlich, Director of Romanian Studies
or Lecturer Julieta Paulesc