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Writing: What is it? Why Study it? Why Teach it?

                                      October 25-27, 2001
                                       Arizona State University
                                       Tempe, Arizona

 Keynote Speaker: John Trimbur - Worcester Polytechnic Institute

The institution of college writing instruction has routinely hierarchized the student population according to whatever conception of textual literacy is dominant; however, the evolving definition of literacy is always accompanied by a deep-seated belief in its ameliorative guarantee. We tend to see a less benevolent disciplinary face only in the rearview mirror.
--Peter Vandenberg

This year the WSCC will address some of the broad disciplinary questions that inform our histories, theories, and practices in our pedagogies and research in written communication.  The conference encourages audience participation and discussion concerning the theory, research or pedagogy of rhetoric and writing in the following areas:

What is Literacy? What should TA training be about?
Why Collaborate?
What does Rhetoric have to do with Writing?
What is Assessment? What is Diversity/Multiculturalism?
Why Teach Writing with Computers? What should Program Administration be about?
What is Professional/Technical Writing? What could a Major in Writing look like?
Last Updated: June 13, 2001