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Writing and Disciplinarity:
Rhetorics, Discourses, and Literacies

                               October 24-26, 2002
                               University of Washington
                               Seattle, Washington

 Keynote Speaker: David Russell, Iowa State University

This year, the WSCC will address questions concerning the theory, research, or pedagogy of rhetoric, discourse, literacy and writing in the following areas:

Issues, Relations, Tensions within/between WAC, WID, Writing Centers and/or FY Writing What it Means to Think of Rhetoric, Discourse,
     and Literacy in the Plural
Disciplinary Knowledge and Writing 
The Place, Purpose, Future of Writing Instruction
Genre and the Study and Teaching of Writing  Training Faculty to Study, Teach, and Assess Writing in the Disciplines
The Place of Rhetoric in Composition The Transferability of Writing Abilities
Technology and its Relationships withRhetoric, Discourse, Literacy, and Writing Politics: Writing as/and Socialization; Writing as/and Discipline
Last Updated: July 10, 2002