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David H. Russell Award

Sharon Crowley, my new colleague at Arizona State University, is the recipient of 2007 David H. Russell Award for her recent book, Toward a Civil Discourse: Rhetoric and Fundamentalism (2006). Congratulations, Sharon!

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Symposium Abstracts Now Available

Abstracts for concurrent sessions are now available online. Since the schedule of sessions is still tentative, abstracts are arranged in alphabetical order by title.

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WPA Best Article by Gail Shuck

I'm happy to report that Gail Shuck of Boise State University is the winner of the 2005-2006 Best Article Award for work published in Writing Program Administration.

The article was part of the special L2 writing issue of Writing Program Administration (Volume 30.1/2, Fall 2006) that I edited with Maria Fruit and Tarama Lee Burton Lamm.

Congratulations, Gail! Well deserved!

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Just when I finished migrating these lists to a new system, they had to upgrade the software and change the server, and the URLs for the subscription pages have changed. Here they are:

Journal of Second Language Writing Mailing List

Symposium on Second Language Writing Discussion List

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CCCC Committee

I have decided to step down as the chair of the CCCC Committee on Second Language Writing after 9 years. My third three-year term ends in November 2007.

Susan Miller-Cochran, the current co-chair, will continue on as the committee chair, and I will continue to support the committee as an Executive Committee liaison.

I feel the committee has successfully completed its initial mission, which was to integrate a second-language perspective into various aspects of the organization and the field. It has also helped to develop a community of dedicated L2 writing specialists who would determine the future of the committee.

Is this what it feels like to retire? (But then, Jay is always quick to remind me that I'm not that much older than he.)


Sad News

Sally Jacoby, a former colleague of mine at the University of New Hampshire, past away on Friday.

Before I left New Hampshire, I got to see her one last time at a Thai restaurant in Dover. Sally, may you rest in peace.

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CFP: International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference (5/31/2008)

CFP: Ninth Biennial International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference (IWAC), Austin, Texas
Wednesday, May 28 through Saturday, May 31, 2008

We invite proposals investigating how border crossings affect the shape of writing instruction, disciplinary tutoring, institutions, and global WAC conversations. For example, proposals might focus on how working with disciplines and their media in and outside class, and in writing centers influence our theories; how communicating across local (e.g.K-16), national and international borders changes definitions of disciplinary writing as well as teaching and collaborative practices; how we translate what we do so students, academic staff, administration, and those outside our institutions support the scholarship and curricular reform we promote. For more information, visit

Proposal deadline: Friday, September 28, 2007.

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JSLW Website

The Journal of Second Language Writing website has been redesigned to strengthen the collaboration with the publisher's online services. It provides direct links to various Elsevier services, including abstracts and articles as well as the manuscript submission system.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to use the comments feature here.

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JSLW and SSLW Mailing Lists

The new mailing lists for the Journal of Second Language Writing (JSLWLIST) and the Symposium on Second Language Writing (SSLWLIST) are now available.

Subscribers can manage their own subscription easily through the listserv web interface:

Journal of Second Language Writing Mailing List

Symposium on Second Language Writing Discussion List

JSLWLIST continues to be announcement only, but SSLWLIST is now available for interaction among subscribers. I hope it will help the Symposium participants who need to find roommates or ask questions about the Symposium and its venue.

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Symposium Program Now Available

The tentative schedule for the 2007 Symposium on Second Language Writing (September 15-17, 2007) in nagoya, Japan, is now available in Excel format.

  • Tentative Schedule

  • Due to limited space, only the first authors/presenters are listed. A complete list of all the presenters is also available.

    If you are one of the presenters, please take a look at it and let me know if there is any problem.

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    Server Migration

    As a result of my move to Arizona State, I've also had to move the websites for the Journal of Second Language Writing and Symposium on Second Language Writing.

    Fortunately, with the help of Bruce Matsunaga, the tech person for the ASU English Department, I have been able to move everything to the ASU server without any major problems.

    I will be posting various announcements about the Symposium (label:symposium) and the Journal (label:jslw) here.

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    A new look

    My original blog is back--with a new look that matches my new website. I've also reinstated the blog entries from the original blog site.

    I'll keep the blogspot site up and running for archival purposes. I probably won't be adding anything to that site, so if you are using RSS to read my blog, please change your RSS address to:


    dissoi logoi: Migrating

    I've migrated to a new Blogger site so I can take advantage of the new features. Hope this won't create any major problems. I will keep the original blog site available for a while. I may decide to archive the postings elsewhere, but I'll try to make them accessible from this site. Stay tuned.

    Please use this URL to access this blog--in case I decide to move to another server again:


    Tamkang International Conference on L2 Writing

    More information about Tamkang International Conference on L2 Writing is now available. The conference will take place at Tamkang University, Tamsui, Taiwan, on December 1-2, 2006.

    This will be my first visit to Taiwan. I hear Tamsui is a beautiful city near Taipei. I'm really looking forward to learning about the current state of L2 writing research and instruction in Taiwan as well as other parts of Asia.


    Congratulations, Christina!

    Christina Ortmeier-Hooper, one of my doctoral students at UNH, has just informed me that her manuscript, "'English is My Second Language, but I'm Not ESL'" has been accepted for publication in College Composition and Communication.

    Congratulations, Christina! Well done!

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    International Association for World Englishes

    Aya and I have just finished preparing the script and PowerPoint for our presentation at International Association for World Englishes, at Chukyo University in Nagoya, Japan. We and Matt Schneider, my summer intern, spend a good part of the summer analyzing the representation of international communication in technical writing textbooks for the study.

    Now, onto the PowerPoint for the plenary talk.



    Second Language Writing Interest Section at TESOL now has a web site maintained by Chris Tardy, DePaul University.


    CFP: Asia TEFL, June 8-10, 2007.

    The 5th Asia TEFL International Conference
    June 8-10, 2007, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Theme: "Empowering Asia: New Paradigms in English Language Education."

    The Call for Presentation and Participation is now available. The deadline for submission is January 2, 2007.

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    Waseda Symposium on Teaching and Research in Academic Writing

    This is an event that took place at Waseda University, Japan, last February. (Chris Tardy was one of the invited speakers.) Topics included writing center pedagogy, graduate and undergraduate academic writing, and technology/corpora and L2 academic writing.

    This is an important event to me because it seems to indicate that L2 writing research and instruction is becoming increasingly important in Japan.


    The Politics of Second Language Writing: In Search of the Promised Land

    I just heard from the publisher that The Politics of Second Language Writing: In Search of the Promised Land will be available in the next few days.

    This book grew out of the Fourth Symposium on Second Language Writing (2004), which focused on the impact of institutional politics and policies on second language writing instruction. It is also the first book in the Parlor Press Series on Second Language Writing.

    I've really enjoyed working with Christina and Xiaoye, co-editors of the book, on this project. Their committment to the field of L2 writing and their determination to move the project forward have really helped in producing this volume.

    I've also found working with Dave Blakesley, the founder and publisher of Parlor Press, a real pleasure. A researcher of rhetoric and composition himself, he really understands both publishing and academic worlds. I'm really looking forward to continuing our productive relationship.

    But most important, we were fortunate to be able to work with contributors who provided excellent manuscripts and responded well to our and reviewers suggestions and comments. They are: Danling Fu, Marylou Matoush, Kerry Enright Villalva, Ilona Leki, Ryuko Kubota, Kimberly Abels, Angela Dadak, Jessica Williams, Wei Zhu, Guillaume Gentil, Kevin Eric DePew, Xiaoye You, Deborah Crusan, Sara Cushing Weigle, Jessie Moore Kapper, Christine Norris, Christine Tardy, Stephanie Vandrick, and Barbara Kroll.

    I can't wait to see this book in print--and in Adobe eBook format.

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