Paul Kei Matsuda


The Politics of Second Langaage Writing (2006)Paul has taught various graduate courses in rhetoric, composition and applied linguistics, as well as undergraduate courses in linguistics and writing. In addition to the advanced graduate seminar on second language writing, which he teaches on a regular basis, he has taught graduate courses on TESOL theory and methods, composition theory, history of composition, empirical research methods, transactional writing, and linguistics and writing.

Paul has also taught a wide variety of writing courses, including first-year writing, ESL writing, academic writing, cross-cultural composition, technical writing, persuasive writing, creative nonfiction, and academic and professional writing for graduate students. He has also taught English at university writing centers as well as private English language schools in Japan.

In addition, he has conducted teaching workshops for pre- and in-service teachers of all kinds—K-12 teachers, mainstream college writing teachers, ESL writing teachers, writing center tutors, university faculty from across the curriculum, and EFL teachers.

One of his co-edited books, The Politics of Second Language Writing: In Search of the Promised Land (2006) explores how second language writing instruction is affected by larger institutional politics and prevailing language attitudes.

For more information, please see Paul's curriculum vitae.

Spring 2008 Courses

ENG 414 Studies in Linguistics: Analyzing Writing
T Th 12:15-1:30

In this course, students will learn various approaches to the analysis of written discourse from various domains of written communication--personal, academic and professional. The course will begin with a historical overview of written discourse analysis with emphases on shifting purposes and on the evolution of various analytical tools. We will then examine various analytical tools and consider how they might be applied to written discourse analysis. Assignments will include a series of short analyses, presentations, and a term paper, among others. (Cap: 38)

Textbook (tentative). Johnston, B. (2007). Discourse analysis (2nd ed). New York: Blackwell. [ISBN: 1405144270]

LIN 521 Methods of TESOL
Th 4:40-7:30

This course provides a critical survey of various ways of teaching English to nonnative users of the language. By examining pedagogies in their historical and theoretical contexts, we will consider not only what approaches and methods have been developed but also why they were developed the way they were. We will also examine strengths and weaknesses of each pedagogy, which enable us to integrate them to develop the most appropriate response to the needs of students at hand. (Cap: 24)

Textbook. Brown, H. D. (2007). Teaching by principles: An interactive approach (3nd ed.). White Plains, NY: Pearson Longman ESL. [ISBN: 0-13-612711-8]

Fall 2008 Courses (tentative)

ENG414 Studies in Linguistics: Language and Identity
MW 12:15-1:30

LIN620 Second Language Writing Research
M 4:40-7:30

Spring 2009 Courses (tentative)

LIN500 Research Methods in Linguistics and TESOL
W 4:40-7:30

LIN523 Language Testing and Assessment
MW 12:15-1:30

Fall 2009 Courses (very tentative)

ENG213 Introduction to the Study of Language

LIN620 Second Language Writing Research

Spring 2010 Courses (very tentative)

ENG107 English for Foreign Students

LIN500 Research Methods in Linguistics and TESOL

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