Ranko Richert

School of Molecular Sciences
(formerly: Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ 85287-1604

office :            PSC-212
office phone:  (480) 727-7052
lab phone:      (480) 965-2251
dept. fax:        (480) 965-2747


Experimental Techniques:
Dielectric Relaxation, Dielectric Retardation, Hole-Burning, High Electric Fields,
Nonlinear Dynamics, Solvation Dynamics, Optical Anisotropy

Research Interests:
Relaxation Phenomena, Disordered Materials, Glass Transition, Dynamics in Liquids,
Conductivity, Dynamic Heterogeneity, Confinement and Surface Effects, Dynamics in Biomaterials,
Physical Aging, Enthalpy Relaxation, Nano-Calorimetry, Nonlinear Responses

Liquids, Supercooled Liquids, Polymers, Glasses, Ionic Conductors, Ionic Liquids,
Aqueous and Biological Materials, Metallic Glasses