Relevant Links

McMurdo LTER: The best research site ever!

Central Arizona-Phoenix LTER: The other best research site ever!

Coweeta LTER: Another best research site ever!

School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences at ASU West: My home away from home.

LTER Network Homepage

Spring Valley Farm: An organic farming project in Athens, GA.

Soil Ecology Society: An international organization for the advancement of soil biology and ecology.

Helpful Scientific Information:

Metric Conversions

Tree of Life

Diagnostic Nematode Key: from the UNL Nematology Lab

Lucid Microarthopod Key

IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) Fifth Assessment

Millennium Ecosystem Assessment

Personal Links:

Brickset: The Lego Set Guide

Classical Guitar Alive

Phoenix RSCDS: Scottish Country Dancing

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