Research blog: Armed with my laptop, a digital camera, and the satellite internet connection provided by McMurdo Station, I blog from the dry valleys of Antarctica throughout our 2-month field season through our Polar Soils Blog. The blog is designed to be an educational resource for elementary and middle school classrooms, but also an accessible way to communicate our research to the general public. The blog discusses our research, life as a scientist in Antarctica, and basic polar science covered in the class's science curriculum. Hopefully, the students learn not only about the science topics surrounding Antarctica, but also that science is fun and adventurous! Before leaving for the field, we communicate with school teachers to get input on topics to cover, and students (or anyone else reading) can email questions to be answered in the blog throughout our field season. The blog has been used in schools across the US (everywhere from Vermont to Georgia to Wyoming to Hawaii!), and I encourage any teachers that are interested in using the blog to contact me.
You can also check out our 2008-09 press release and coverage in The Dartmouth.

Classroom visits: As a follow-up to the research blog, I visit classes that follow our blog to talk about Antarctic weather, geology, and biology.
My classroom visits have been covered by one of the local network affiliates. See the news story.

Meet the Scientist: My research in the Sonoran Desert is explained in a (hopefully easy to understand!) video presentation on the Ecology Explorer's website. See the video

In the Press: Our research activities are communicated to the public through various news media, including interviews with:
Nature World News view and Eurekalert view
Vermont Public Radio view
WCAX-TV (a CBS affiliate) view
The Connecticut Valley Spectator (local newspaper).
ASU News - Science & Tech (university press release) view
@West - the independent student newspaper serving ASU's West campus