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The Interpersonal Intelligence Inventory has been revised and renamed the Teamwork Skills Inventory, 2009. It is now available electronically online at the Scholastic Testing Service Web site.

The Interpersonal Intelligence Inventory (III) is designed for use with adolescents (ages 10 to 20) and adults. More specifically, it is intended for administration to middle schools, high school, college, and university students working in cooperative learning teams.
To assist educators and learners with assessment, the Interpersonal Intelligence Inventory can:

(1) identify which teamwork skills are demonstrated by individuals;

(2) provide individual profiles of anonymous feedback from peers;

(3) compare peer observation of performance with self-impression;

(4) detect individual and groups learning deficits to guide instruction;

(5) credit conscientious learners for their initiatives and contributions;

(6) identify slackers who fail to carry out their share of the work; and

(7) yield an easily understood record of team skills for use in portfolios.

Learning to work in groups is essential for interdependence. Team skills can support cohesion and productivity as well as help members become successful and self-directed. In the workplace and in the classroom, peer and self evaluations are a highly effective means to establish accountability and improve team performance. The III provides the opportunity to identify those factors needed to attain lifelong goals for success.

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Reliability and Validity

Psychometric indicators are fully described in the Interpersonal Intelligence Inventory Manual available from the publisher Scholastic Testing Service.

Ages: 10 to Adult

Language: English

Paris S. Strom
Robert D. Strom

Publication dates
2002 and 2009 NEW Teamwork Skills Inventory

Scholastic Testing Service
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Bensenville, Illinois 60106-1617
Phone: 1-800-642-6787

The Interpersonal Intelligence Inventory focuses on 25 items clustered into 5 categories:
• Attends to teamwork
• Seeks and shares information
• Communicates with teammates
• Thinks critically and creatively
• Gets along with othersTeam Skills Profile Form reports the skills that students exhibited or failed to demonstrate. The results of the formative assessment can help students recognize skill areas which need improvement before summative assessment occurs at the end of the evaluation process.
The Manual of Administration and Interpretation provides necessary information on how to administer and to utilize the III effectively.



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