The following contributions were included in the
1996 Annual Report of the Kapteyn Astronomical Institute
of the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, p. 32

A Spectroscopic and Photometric Survey of Nearby Field Galaxies

    To tackle the current lack of a good nearby comparison sample, representative of the nearby universe, Jansen and Franx have selected a magnitude limited sample of 200 nearby field galaxies from the CfA Redshift Survey (Huchra et al. 1983), including galaxies of all types and of all luminosities. In collaboration with D.G. Fabricant (Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, USA) and N. Caldwell (Whipple Observatory, Amado, USA) they have obtained nuclear and integrated spectra for 171, U, B and R photometry for 186 galaxies in this sample.
    The purpose of their study is to obtain an accurate description of the distribution of magnitude, structural parameters, color, and spectral type of nearby galaxies. The colors and spectral types are necessary to determine the probable evolutionary history of the galaxy. The magnitude and structural parameters (effective radius and surface brightness) are necessary to calculate the detection rates at increasing redshift.
    This survey will serve as a benchmark for interpreting spectra and number counts of distant galaxies.
    Part of this work was done during three work visits to the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, MA. New observations were obtained in 1996 during three observing runs each at the 60 and 48 inch telescopes at Mt.Hopkins, Arizona (F.L. Whipple Observatory).

Conference papers

Jansen, R.A., Franx, M., Fabricant, D.G., & Caldwell, N., ``Spectroscopic and Photometric
        Nearby Field Galaxy Survey''
, in: New Light on Galaxy Evolution (eds.  R. Bender &
        R. Davies), IAU Symposium 171 (Heidelberg, Germany), Kluwer Academic Publ.,
        Dordrecht, p.397, 1996

Research notes / Circulars

Johnson, W., Benetti, S., Turatto, M., Moehler, S., Garnavich, P., Riess, A., Kirshner, R.,
        & Jansen, R., ``Supernova 1996Z in NGC 2935'', IAU Circ. 6401, 1, 1996

Work Visits

R.A. Jansen, Harvard-Smithsonian Ctr. for Astrophysics (Cambridge, U.S.A.):
        1 Jan. - 28 Mar., 21 - 30 May, and 15 - 25 Oct. '96.

Observing trips

R.A. Jansen,
    Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory, Mt.Hopkins, Arizona, USA (48'' Telescope);
        9 - 15 March, 13 - 19 May, 9 - 13 Oct. '96
    Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory, Mt.Hopkins, Arizona, USA (60'' Telescope);
        11 - 20 March, 10 - 13 May, 8 - 11 June '96

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