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IRAF, NOAO's Image Reduction and Analysis Facility, is one of the premier astronomical software packages, and supports many current state-of-the-art instruments and observatories. It also is a full programming environment for both scripted and compiled user programs. Suites of related scripts/programs can be easilly added to the core IRAF system as layered packages.
Over the years, I developed several such layered packages which are linked from this web-page.

  • rjtools (current version: 12Jul2007) contains a variety of scripted tasks that are transparently grouped into several sub-packages. Some low-level scripts add additional functionality to equivalent core IRAF task; other scripts are high-level interactive tasks.   rjtools is distributed as a single gzip-compressed tar-archive (~250 kb)

  • ccd48 (current version: 06Jul2004) is a package for the semi-automated reduction of single-amplifier CCD data. The ccd48 package is a telescope-aware modular alternative to the built-in imred.ccdred package that allows custom tailoring and local adaptations for data from specific instruments, and (experimental at present) allows one to direct the reduction via image header keywords.

  • rjstis (presently under developement) is a package of scripted tasks to create calibration reference frames for STIS CCD data taken after July 2001, when its Side-2 electronics introduced a spurious, highly erratic herring-bone pattern noise -- the residuals of which are also apparent in the calibration reference frames. The pattern noise can be removed using, and the rjstis tasks generate appropriate calibration frames.

  • imclean is a task to "clean" images by interpolation over "bad" pixels, defects/blemishes, or genuine objects (such as stars) along both rows and columns, over a user-specified rectangular or circular regions. This task may eventually be updated and incorporated into the rjtools package. At present, it does not follow the same conventions. Note that is merely an IRAF user interface to a set of compiled executables imcleansize.exe.

  • An old collection of scripts is linked here. Most of these scripts are superseded by the newer versions in the rjtools package.

Last updated: Jul 12, 2007

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