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About Help on LaTeX

These files originated from Help on LaTeX, Version 1.01, 9 Feb 94, which can be accessed from the "Other on-line LaTeX Information" Page. That, in turn, was derived by Norm Walsh from a VMS help file provided by George Greenwade.

The current files are a revised and extended version created by Sheldon Green. He added much information, especially about those parts of LaTeX he used most, equations and mathematical symbols. Whether or not commands are fragile has been added in most cases. Illustrative examples of usage have been added in several instances. The hypertext linking has been greatly improved. Each file contains a revision date.

Much of the new information has been taken from Lamport, "A Document Preparation System:Latex," and from comp.text.tex newsgroup postings.

Since the death of Dr. Green in December 1995, no substantial changes have been to these files. Relatively minor changes have been made affecting page formatting (HTML) of the files or as the result of verifying the external links.

This set of files is also available as a Unix compressed tar file which can be installed locally to provide faster access.

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