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Font Selection (LaTeX2e)

The following methods for font selection may not be used in math mode.

Type styles are specified by three independent components. If a font (the combination of these three components) is chosen which is not available, LaTeX will issue a warning and substitute a similar font.

These may be chosen by either a command so that the choice applies to the text within the command argument, or by a declaration which obeys the usual rules for scope. The two forms are
    declaration    command

    \mdseries      \textmd      Medium Series
    \bfseries      \textbf      Boldface Series

    \rmfamily      \textrm      Roman Family
    \sffamily      \textsf      Sans Serif Family
    \ttfamily      \texttt      Typewrite Family

    \upshape       \textup      Upright Shape
    \itshape       \textit      Italic Shape
    \slshape       \textsl      Slanted Shape
    \scshape       \textsc      Small Caps Shape
    \normalfont    \textnormal  Normal Style 
The \normalfont declaration sets series, family, and shape to the main text font of the document.

When using the Typewriter Family, words will be hyphenated only where permitted by a \- command.

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Revised: Sheldon Green, 19 May 1995.