Hypertext Help with LaTeX
\markboth \markright

\markboth{left head}{right head}

\markright{right head}

The \markboth and \markright commands are used in conjunction with the page style myheadings for setting either both or just the right heading. In addition to their use with the myheadings page style, you can use them to override the normal headings in the headings style, since LaTeX uses these same commands to generate those heads. You should note that a left-hand heading is generated by the last \markboth command before the end of the page, while a right-hand heading is generated by the first \markboth or \markright that comes on the page if there is one, otherwise by the last one before the page.

See also: Page Styles, \pagestyle.
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Revised: Sheldon Green, 17 May 1995.