The Nearby Field Galaxy Survey (NFGS) is a collaborative effort to construct a photometric and spectrophotometric reference atlas and catalog of the observable properties of ~200 nearby field galaxies. The galaxies span a wide range in luminosity and color, and are of all morphological types. In the selection of the galaxies care was taken to avoid serious biases towards cosmic environment, surface brightness, luminosity, and color. This survey is designed to be a benchmark for interpreting the spectra and imagery of distant galaxies. The main goal of this program is to study the variation in star formation rates, star formation history, excitation, metallicity, and internal kinematics as a function of galaxy luminosity and morphological type.

Our team includes Rolf Jansen, Marijn Franx, Daniel Fabricant, Sheila Kannappan, Nelson Caldwell, Lisa Kewley and Margaret Geller. Contact information is given below.

The NFGS web-pages are currently hosted and maintained at the Arizona State University at
The original NFGS pages at the Kapteyn Astronomical Institute ( and the mirror at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics ( are no longer available.

At this site:

Last updated: June 21, 2005

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