Rolf Jansen's SDSS-III (DR12) SQL galaxy search page

In the FROM block below, substitute RA,Dec,RADIUS with the RA and Dec (both in degrees), and search radius (in arcmin).
Otherwise, modify as needed (see the DR12 schema browser for the available views and columns to select from).
In particular, omit the "TOP 100" after verifying that the query results are sensible. The cone search
"dbo.fGetNearbyObjEq(RA,Dec,RADIUS)" may be replaced with a rectangular area search "dbo.fGetObjFromRectEq(RA1,Dec1,RA2,Dec2)".

Hitting Reset will restore the default SQL query.

Note, that as of DR8 the isophotal parameters isoA_*, isoB_*, and isoPhi_* have been dropped from CAS. Reconstruct
alternative size, shape, and orientation measures based on, e.g., petroRad_*, expAB_*, and expPhi_*, instead.

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Last updated: Feb 8, 2016