Rolf Jansen's SDSS-III (DR12) SQL search page for galaxies within a specified redshift range

In the FROM block below, substitute values for RA (degrees), Dec (degrees), search radius RADIUS (arcmin), Redshift_min and Redshift_max.
The cone search "dbo.fGetNearbyObjEq(RA,Dec,RADIUS)" may be replaced with a rectangular area search "dbo.fGetObjFromRectEq(RA1,Dec1,RA2,Dec2)".
Otherwise, modify as needed. Hitting Reset will restore the default SQL query.

Note, that as of DR8 the isophotal parameters isoA_*, isoB_*, and isoPhi_* have been dropped from CAS. Reconstruct
alternative size, shape, and orientation measures based on, e.g., petroRad_*, expAB_*, and expPhi_*, instead.

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Last updated: Feb 8, 2016